Ursus Latin:Male Bear

Resurrection (as emerging from it's winter cave of hibernation
with its newborn cub in spring); new life, hence initiation and
it's association with rites of passage. In Hero myths the bear is
solar: in inundation myths it becomes lunar and is also lunar
when associated with a moon goddess such as Artemis and Diana.

Alchemic The Nigredo of the prima materia. Attributed with
Supernatural power; strength; the whirlwind amongst the American
Indians. In Celtic Mythology attributed with the Goddess Berne.
In Chinese Mythology bravery and strength. To the Japanese :
Benevolence; wisdom; strength. A culture hero and divine
messenger amongst the Ainu. To the Scandinavian and Teutonic
peoples: Sacred to Thor. The She-bear
Atla is the feminine
Principals and the He-Bear
Atli the Masculine. In Shamanistic
tradition: A messenger of the forest spirits.

From An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols
by J.C. Cooper copyright 1978