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This is the place where You can keep up with what I'm working on at the moment.

I've rearranged things a bit. I'm trying to make order out of Chaos.



These are the Tarot cards I've designed for my deck.



This is what I started with. I built this image using the documented portraits of Simonetta Vesspucci, She was a cousin of Amerigo Vesspucci and for the Italian Renaissance she was sorta the Marilyn Monroe. I then added elements that I wanted or needed to round out and compose the image. I did a bit of research seeking the kind of elements that one might see or use in a portrait of the time, sorta. The Plan was to do a drawing, print, painting and a bas relief of the same composition so that I could simply point to all 4 when someone asks "what kinda artist are you".

This is the drawing that I finished a couple of years ago. Influenced by Botticelli, Pierro De Cosimo, along with some other Renaissance

Portraits. The size is 22" x 30" this image doesn't do it justice. If you click on various parts you can see details

This is The painting when I was about half way done. I was working in Tempera. You'll notice the drawing in the foreground. It's a drawing of Leda by DaVinci. I was looking for answers and searching everywhere for them. I wasn't ecstatic with the print or the drawing. Too flat. So, I turned her head a bit and sought as many examples of the 3/4 pose as I could find.


Here's the Painting. Not the best Photo but It'll do.

Here is a copy of the print. I discovered something extremely odd while working on this. In western forms of wood block print the modeling on the folds of the cloth are represented but NEVER a pattern. When looking at the Japenese version of wood blocks the pattern is intact but there is little or no reference to modeling. I chose to go with the modeling. The Plate needs some work.


I'm working on the carving. I've been working on it in my "spare" time for over a year now. I've already started my next piece in this mode. The three fates.

Heres a taste. this is the sketch for Atropos


and this is the cartoon for the triptych